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Our History

How We Became Successful

We believe in an agile and lean model of operating and it is this emphasis that has facilitated our exponential rate of growth. Today, Ecologital has enhanced its portfolio of services by delivering the latest technologies available - from blockchain to artificial intelligence.


why choose us

At Ecologital, we are driven to create a better world that embraces innovation. We are customer centric, innovation driven and develop solutions that are robust and quality controlled. With a team of in-house experts in various discplines, we are best placed to solve any IT problem you may face. Our experts are always at hand to work with you closely to deliver the solution that you are after. With our dedicated team supporting your systems, you can relax in the knowledge that you are in capable hands. All our products & services are backed by a dedicated support team.


How can we help

Our support team can be contacted by phone, email or via online chat. You can also submit tickets online and someone from our team will respond. Our team can help answer questions you may have about our products or services, train you on new features as well as troubleshoot problems over the phone or via remote connections. With the explosive growth in the smart phone market, the opportunity to serve your customers via mobile apps is one you do not want to miss. A mobile app opens up a wide range of possibilities to engage with your customers and promote your services.Our solutions already come bundled with mobile apps to enhance the experience to the consumer and get ahead of your competitors.



When you invest in a system, you need assurance that it's future proof and that it will evolve as new technologies emerge and markets change. At Ecologital we are continuously investing in the future of our systems. Our dedicated team of architects solution designers are working hard day-in, day-out keeping our systems at the cutting edge of technology. By purchaisng any of our solutions, you are investing in its long term future and that means your business always stands to benefit from new features as they are rolled out You want to do business with a company that works closely with your organisation, and has your best interests at heart. We understand your success is our success! We always make an effort to work closely with our customers, understand their business,support them and help them grow. With our special empasis on customer service and dedicated account managers where necessary, you'll find a true business partner in Ecologital.