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We're a Passionate Team of Software Developers

Ecology deals with the modelling of the interactions between organisms and their environment. Information Technology on the other hand is a powerful force that continues to shape the lives of people and businesses for the better.  Ecologital aims to create a perfectly balanced Information Technology ecosystem that doesn’t just solve one problem, but evolves around its environment and grows like smart organisms. When applied correctly, IT can bring about huge benefits in the form of efficiency and cost savings. Ecologital’s products and services aim to achieve the highest level of efficiency and cost savings through the creation of smart solutions. While our portfolio of products may be varied, they use a fundamental platform to connect with each other and evolve together.

Our solutions are created with cutting edge technologies in the first instance, but continue evolve to adopt new and upcoming technologies to stay ahead of the game. This is why at Ecologital you’ll find the best of minds working on the next challenges and the latest technologies.

Ecologital's success is the people. We are very proud of the people who work tirelessly in all aspects of development, quality assurance, business analysis, management and customer service to meet the commitments to our customers. At Ecologital, we are a family that thrives together, grows together and aims to continuously exceeds expectations.qwd


Happy Ecologital Customers

Blockchain-based Development

A full suite of blockchain development services - consulting, private blockchains, smart contracts, storage, and identity solutions.

Internet of Things Development and Platforms

Build secure enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that will help your business gather Big Data and unlock a new level of efficiency.

Developing AI Capabilities and Technology

Our AI capabilities and technology allow businesses, of all types, to leverage intelligent machines and devices to shore up efficiency.

Mobile Application Development

Use our low-code platform and over 10 years of experience in mobile app development to create a solid custom app faster than ever!

Desktop Application Development

Amplify outreach and engagement with a desktop application that complements the prowess and dexterity of your mobile platform.

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Our History

How We Became Successful

We believe in an agile and lean model of operating and it is this emphasis that has facilitated our exponential rate of growth. Today, Ecologital has enhanced its portfolio of services by delivering the latest technologies available - from blockchain to artificial intelligence.

2008.Our Journey Begins

For over a decade, our team has been dedicated to driving optimal results for our clients - irrespective of the industry they operate in.